From watching our girls play to publishing a magazine…

Wonder came after a conversation with friends over a cup of tea while watching our girls play. Marvelling at how beautifully they’re growing whilst acknowledging the challenges along the way. All of us feeling the separation that naturally occurs as our children grow and become more and more independent. Conscious of not being our child’s only influence whilst pondering popular role models and influencers. A conversation that struck a chord and left me thinking.

As our children grow older and they are more influenced by the world outside our little bubble here at home I wondered, ‘what can I offer to satisfy them which ties in with what I feel is appropriate?’ Through searching for Australian publications for pre-teen girls I found the use of celebrity gossip and heavy marketing very concerning… this inspired me to create my own.

Wonder is a publication that is relatable to Australian pre-teen girls. A publication that empowers girls to be creative, brave, kind and to inspire them to think about who they are and what they could be. A publication free from the stresses of the adult world. A publication of their very own that they can contribute to.

Wonder Magazine is a quarterly publication, with each issue inspired by the seasons in the southern hemisphere. Each issue will cover role models, adventure, science, reader contributions, recipes, craft, beauty, DIY and more.

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